Magic trips - A woman travelling the world

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Magic trips - A woman travelling the world

From 2010 to 2016 I have embarked on many blissful and soul-searching journeys. I usually travel on my own and have come to discover that this world is full of like-minded people. All of my trips have been safe and I have always felt divinely guided. There are stories to tell, thanks to lovely people all over the planet. They are encounters which have nourished my soul and lifted my spirit in beautiful ways. Delve in and enjoy them!

It was Erika’s smile and openness that drew me to her, as well as her “being a free spirit”. That is just amazing. I admire the fact that she just follows her heart and dreams at such a young age. I hope she will come and visit me again in Mississauga 🙂

Rosa, 73 years old

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Erfahre in den folgenden beiden Interviews mehr über die Hintergründe und die Essenz von „Magic trips – A woman travelling the world“. Keyvan Davani von (SmokeReality Free your mind) hat mich zum Interview in der Traumwerkstatt gebeten: